Mastering Manual Mode

Getting Proper Exposures

If you understand the manual functions of your camera and you’re ready for the challenge of solving complex exposure challenges, this on your feet class is made for you! This follow-up class to, Using Your Manual Mode, formerly Using Your DSLR Camera, will take you through a variety of challenging exercises and supply you with experience dealing with exposures in a variety of situations, from the frustrating to the beautiful. This course requires you to be proficient in manual mode. During this class we will focus on proper exposures using your light meter, reading histograms, and using appropriate metering modes for the scene you're photographing.

What you can Expect

You can expect to be “on your feet” through this three day course. Under the guidance of an instructor, you’ll be presented with a variety of challenging exposure situations in a fun workshop setting that will give you the opportunity to actively solve the exposure challenge.

You will work in groups to build a creative setup using props provided by your instructor, and work together on getting proper exposures. Your instructor will critique your images throughout the session.


This class will have a maximum of 10 students, so you will have ample opportunities to ask questions, and have one on one experiences with the instructor.

This course was created specifically for students who have the knowledge from Using Your Manual Mode, but are still somewhat confused about how to achieve the right exposure as well as meet their artistic goal, or cannot do so quickly. This class helps to build that solid foundation of experience on which quick photography relies.

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In-Person Classes are held at Work Nicer | Beaver House

located at 10160 103 St NW, Edmonton, AB.

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