Architecture Photography

Learn the Techniques to Take Amazing Architectural Images!

Are you a real estate agent, interior designer or hobbyist looking to create eye catching architectural images? Are you struggling to capture and edit interior and exterior shot for your website or social accounts? If you answered “yes”, then this Architecture Photography workshop is for you!

In this workshop, we will teach you the skills, techniques and gear needed to help you master the art of architectural photography. We will also cover key topics such as compositional elements, techniques and tips to help you create beautiful, authentic images that will capture the attention of your viewers.

In addition, we will teach you the editing tools to effectively and efficiently retouch your images in Adobe Lightroom Classic. For the retouching portion of the workshop, you will be able to bring in your own images, or you can use the examples provided by your instructor.

What to Expect in the Architecture Photography Workshop

  • Properly exposing for interior and exterior images.
  • Mastering the fundamentals of architectural photography.
  • Using lighting techniques to create bright and airy images.
  • Compositional elements to help you creatively capture overall and detail shots.
  • Basic editing tools using Lightroom Classic.
  • How to deal with perspective and distortion.
  • Recommended gear and lenses.

Please note: This workshop will not cover the fundamentals of your camera. You will need to have a good working knowledge of your camera’s Manual Mode or Semi-Automatic Modes (Shutter & Aperture Priority) prior to registering.

At at end of this workshop, you will walk away with the confidence and knowledge to capture and edit stunning interior and exterior images that you will want to share!

LEVEL:Advanced Level Workshop


Required Software:

5.5 hours

Using Your Manual Mode and basic computer skills

You will need a laptop with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CLASSIC installed.
COST:$249 (plus tax).






Class Location:
Work Nicer | Beaver House
10160 103 St NW, Edmonton, AB.




Class Location:
Work Nicer | Roxbury House
1006 11 Ave SW #200, Calgary, AB.


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