Creative Vision

Photography Composition

Do you want to capture visually striking photographs that engage the mind, tease the eye? Capture photos people want to look at? and buy?

I’m sure we all know by now that the secret to being an excellent photographer isn’t having a better camera. A high-end camera might help make a great photo better, but it won’t make an ordinary photo into art worthy of anyone’s walls.

Have you tried to improve your photography on your own but aren’t seeing the results you hoped for? That’s ok! This class is for any photographer, at any level, with any camera who wants to take their photography to the next level

What you can Expect

We teach you the theory, we show you examples, and you do it. You’ll cement your new skills by taking photographs and then we, along with your peers, will review them in a structured, positive, and effective way.

In this class, you'll discover:

How to find inspiration when you lack it
The principles of design and how to use them to achieve your artistic goals
How to add emotional impact
How to tell a story or convey a mood with your images

When you're finished with this class you'll be able to "see" in a different way... You'll begin to to see the ordinary through a creative lens and understand how to turn it into the extraordinary.


Don't just click, create!

Registration Information


Classes are held at the King's University College,

located at 9125 - 50 Street NW.


Classes are held at the Heritage Christian School,

located at 2003 McKnight BLVD, NE

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