Getting Proper Exposures

Manual Exposure Practice

If you understand the manual functions of your camera and you’re ready for the challenge of solving complex exposure challenges, this on your feet class is made for you! This follow-up class to, Using Your Manual Mode, formerly Using Your DSLR Camera, will take you through hundreds of exercises and supply you with experience dealing with exposures in a variety of situations, from the frustrating to the beautiful. This course requires students to be confident in their ability to use histograms effectively, and set their exposures in manual to expose for blacks and whites effectively.

What you can Expect

You can expect to be “on your feet” through this entire three day course. You will take exposures on your own camera, of situations contrived by the instructor, to present a variety of common, challenging exposure situations. You will have the opportunity to “solve” the exposure challenge first, but also be guided by the instructor through to the final result. This class will have a maximum of 10 students, so you will have ample opportunities to ask questions, and have one on one experiences with the instructor.

This course was created specifically for students who have the knowledge from Using Your Manual Mode, but are still somewhat confused about how to achieve the right exposure as well as meet their artistic goal, or cannot do so quickly. This class helps to build that solid foundation of experience on which quick photography relies.

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Classes are held at the King's University College,

located at 9125 - 50 Street NW.


Classes are held at the Heritage Christian School,

located at 2003 McKnight BLVD, NE

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