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We love to teach & it shows!
At the CPLC, Our teaching philosophy is very practical with hands-on classes & creative workshops!


With over 13 years of experience teaching students just like you, our award-winning, expert Instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and have a great passion and a love for teaching aspiring Photographers & hobbyists! We offer classes and workshops in Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta.


5 star Reviews


Our students love our teaching style, and it shows! They consistently give us 5 star reviews.



A few of our Student Testimonials...



We loved having Reem teach an intro to phone photography class with the Urban Farm staff and the members of the Parkdale-Cromdale community. She is an excellent teacher--she's knowledgeable, clear, and warm. She has an ability to explain things in a way that is supportive and encouraging! We all learned a lot from that workshop and started using the her tips and tricks immediately. We definitely all took better pictures throughout the summer!

Patty Milligan

Agriculture Education Specialist, Explore Edmonton

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A big thank-you to Reem for teaching in our Seniors Learning Program on Phone Photography. Reem was very knowledgeable and patient. She made sure to address and help each and everyone of our students in any area that they required help with. Not all phones are the same but with Reem's help all students left with a greater understanding of what capabilities their phone could do to create a better photograph. Thanks Reem from all of us at Telford Community Hall, hope to see you in the spring.

Anna Wanchuk

President at Telford Community Centre

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I recently took the Using Your Manual Mode course and I absolutely loved it! George is an amazing instructor. He is so patient and is always happy to answer any questions we have. He is good at explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. It is great that the class sizes are small as well so that he is able to answer questions one-on-one when needed. I learned so much and I definitely plan to take more courses through CPLC.

Rachel Koop

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Reem's course was amazing! I learnt so many practical tips and skills to implement. I would highly recommend her courses to anyone. I already booked in for another course. Reem was so friendly and kind and really made the class so enjoyable!

Miranda Zechel

Owner, Cloud Nine Pajamas

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This was an AMAZING course. Value for money is outstanding. Teaching was fantastic. George was beyond knowledgeable, patient, and set a great tone. I would absolutely recommend the CPLC!

Monique Jericho

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I can't say enough great things about my experience with the Canadian Photography Learning Centre. A few years back, I took a class on how to use manual mode and it fit my schedule perfectly. Although it was intensive because it was a one day class, it suited me because I live far away from Edmonton and couldn't stay in the city for weeks on end. I was also lucky enough to have Reem as my teacher for this class and it was such a positive experience that I looked for opportunities to take more photography classes with her business.
Fast forward a few years and this time, I wanted to take a class on portraits. I was in Calgary for a short period of time and once again, the flexibility of the classes offered by the CPLC proved beneficial.cWhen I wanted to learn how to use Lightroom to photo edit, the Canadian Photography Learning Centre came through again as I was able to do this course online.
Reem, the owner / operator of the CPLC, has a way of personalizing your experience as a student. She has everything you hope to find in any teacher: patience, knowledge and the desire to help you get better.Over the years, I have learned so much from Reem and I wouldn't be the photographer I am today had it not been for the classes I took with the Canadian Photography Learning Centre.
Yes, both Edmonton and Calgary have a lot of businesses that offer photography classes and I've taken a few myself, but I keep coming back to the Canadian Photography Learning Centre year after year for a number of reasons. All of the classes are reasonably priced, the courses can fit anyone's busy schedule, the content that is taught is top notch and most importantly, the instructors care and want to help you improve.
If you're new to the hobby of photography, you should seriously consider the Canadian Photography Learning Centre. I took a chance many years ago and I haven't regretted it.

Dom Jong

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George was an excellent instructor. I'm usually very bored when things get technical but he kept each class extremely interesting. 3 hours seems like a really long time to be listening to someone talk about photography but it honestly flew by. Would definitely recommend and think we learned a ton!

Kathryn Minichiello

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I was inspired to write this review after my journey so far with the training i have recieved from the classes taught by Reem. Firstly i started the "getting off manual class" and that sparked interest in photography her teaching methods helped me start to want to never use the Auto feature again on my camera. I was unaware of the actual ability of my camera and she is very well-versed in all models and that is a must for even those with a slight interest to use your camera more. I found that even after the course had completed that Reem went above and beyond and was there for all those who had questions and I am sure even to this day if I messaged with a question, i would recieve a quick respond with great advice and assistance which i know does not happen at other learning institutions. I won't go into great detail more. Still, I completed 3 courses and thanks to the training received, i was able to dial in my photography style and with the methods and guidance provided, I make time weekly to progress still. I am even entering into a professional goal now thanks to Reem. The training you receive with CPLC does not stop when the class is finished and if i needed composition advice or photography questions she is a valuable resource to this day. I plan to take 3 more courses with Reem and hope to help others make that choice of CPLC if they have even the hobbyist level interest in photography. My only regret is that I didn't find out about these classes sooner. Cheers~!

Darcy Semeniuk

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I have had an outstanding experience with the CPLC. The first course I took was "Using Your Manual Mode." Reem, the instructor and owner, is an absolute subject matter expert! Her knowledge of photography and cameras is so vast and she creates a totally positive and friendly learning environment. Not only am I now fully confident in operating in manual mode - I am competent enough in my skills to even help others! My first experience with the CPLC was so enjoyable and so beneficial to my development as a photographer that I took two more courses with the CPLC. "Creative Vision" with Reem and "Lightroom" with George. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. I am now operating a successful photography side business. I can't recommend the CPLC enough! Thank you to Reem and George for the knowledge that they share, their encouragement and continued support of the creative community! #supportsmallbusiness #CPLC

J. Chaddy

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I have taken two courses so far, and have a third coming up. I love the energy the instructors put into the class. They are very capable at answering any questions. The practice portion of the classes I've taken are incredibly helpful and I look forward to continuously improving my photography skills.

Honorata C.

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Reem is an absolutely amazing instructor for photography! She is so passionate about what she does and does a really good job of explaining, making sure everyone is good with their settings on their cameras. I've learnt so much from her classes and would 100% recommend her to anyone attempting to learn about photography


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