Product Photography Workshop

Photograph your products, with your camera

Are you a crafter or small business owner? Are you struggling with taking good photos of your products to share on your website and social accounts? Do you think that until you can afford top of the line photography gear that you can’t create photos that you’re proud of?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you! We’ve designed a 3 hour Product Photography Workshop to help you take better photos of your products. You’ll bring your products in, the camera you’re most comfortable using (a phone camera, bridge camera, mirrorless, DSLR) and we’ll show you how to use a photography tent with off camera lighting to take your photos. And the best part?? You get to keep the tent you’re learning on! That’s right, when you go home, you’ll not only have a whole bunch of photos of your products on your camera, but you’ll also have the gear to replicate them at your home or office.

What you can Expect

We’ll start this workshop with a short lecture on how to use photography tents (or portable studios) in your product photography and then we’re going to dive right in and make it happen. The instructor will show you how to set up your products, light the “stage”, how to utilize different backgrounds (colors, patterns, etc) and how to compose your photos with the products you’ve brought.


By the end of this workshop, you’ll feel comfortable using your portable studio so that the next time you have a new product to photograph, you’ll have a host of ideas and inspiration, as well as the technology to photograph it well.


This workshop will be held at the Creative Hive on the west-end! The session will run from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, refreshments provided.


You’ll need:

Your camera of choice: Keep in mind, this is not a “how to use your camera” class so, make sure that you’re comfortable with your camera before this session. If you think you should brush up on your skills, you’re encouraged to take Phone Photography or Using Your Manual Mode beforehand. If you are using a DSLR/Bridge/Mirrorless camera, you must know how to use your manual mode or semi-automatic modes (Shutter/Aperture Priority). If you're using a cell phone, it’s preferable (but not mandatory) if you have portrait mode or selective focus to achieve a small point of focus.

Your products: the tents we’re using are 20 x 20 so, any product that is smaller than 15 x 15 will work well for this workshop. Unfortunately, this workshop would not be suited to larger items like clothing.

Your charger and / or spare batteries

Note taking supplies

Registration Information


This session will be held at the Creative Hive,

located at 16819 - 111 Ave NW,


If you're interested in this class, let us know and we'll see about making it happen in Calgary!


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