Travelling With Your Photography Gear

post by George Mach

Preparing For Your Next Great Adventure

Are you planning to take a trip abroad, and feel overwhelmed with preparations for what to pack, photographically speaking? Travelling with camera gear can be stressful, so here are some tips to get you started.

First off, NEVER check your cameras and lenses. These should be taken as carry on whenever possible. The voyage of checked baggage is often rough, and no amount of Fragile stickers will guarantee your gear makes it safely to your destination. Also, make sure you have enough juice to power your camera on at airport security, as some security staff may want to see that it actually is a camera.

What should I pack?

This question is asked all the time and the answer is, it depends. You need to pack for what you plan to do on your trip. For example, if you’re going trekking in the Alps, you want to be mindful of how much everything weighs because you need to carry it! If you plan to shoot night scenes at your destination, you will need a tripod or monopod to steady your camera. If you’re going on a travel safari and your goal is to shoot amazing, up close animal photos, then you need to long telephoto lenses. If you’re headed to Brazil to capture the Olympics, then you need to select your gear with fast action shots in mind. And for the Instagrammers and social media mavens, if your camera doesn’t have built in wifi, get a wifi enabled memory card so that you can instantly send the photos to your phone or device.

So again, what should you pack? It depends… 😉

Always Bring:

  • Lots of memory cards. Don’t assume that you can buy them where you’re going because chances are they’re going to be expensive and often times, unreliable.
  • Extra Batteries: Lithium ion batteries must be carried with you on the plane, due to fire concerns.  If you check them and airport baggage scanners see them, they will have to take them out, which results in delays, missing batteries, and maybe even lost luggage.
  • Chargers,
  • Lens Cloths.

Also, it is important to back up your photos while vacationing. If you have the option to back up to the cloud or portable hard drives using a small laptop, great. Even without a laptop, your hotel may have a computer for you to use, or else internet cafes are another place you could download your photos via a card reader. Some cameras may also have dual card slots, which can be written to simultaneously, so if one card fails, you have a backup.

Safety First!

  • Where petty crime is a concern, avoid sporting obvious camera bags with brandnames on them.
  • Pack carefully so you can avoid fumbling around for what what you need.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings while photographing.
  • In crowds, walk with your bag on the front of you, so you can see it.
  • Be discreet.

Relax, have fun and take lots of photos!

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