Using Your Manual Mode

Unlock the power of your camera!

The key to taking amazing photos lies within your camera’s manual mode, and that’s what this class is all about.

After completing this class, the exciting world of digital photography opens up to you and the opportunities are endless. Whether you want to capture great photos of your children, take better product photos for your business or perhaps you have big dreams, like having your photos featured in National Geographic or a career in Wedding Photography, it all starts here.

What you can Expect

When you have finished this course, you will be knowledgeable and experienced in:

Manipulating ISO
Adjusting and Controlling Shutter Speed
Using and Changing White Balance
Auto Exposure - When and Where?
Working with Aperture Settings
Effective use of Autofocus
Reading a Histogram
Navigating Image Playback

You will have hours of experience with these settings, learn how they effect the finished result; and you will get comfortable with all these features, in a classroom of people like you, and with the direct, hands-on support of a genuine expert.

Registration Information


Classes are held at the Planit Sound,

located at #201, 10265 - 107 Street


Classes are held at Work Nicer Coworking - Roxbury,

located at #200 1006 11 Ave SW

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